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Up Next: How to Read a Book

I’ve always had a preference for reading books over listening to lectures. I find lectures to be slow and boring, and books allow me to choose my own pace. With books, I can also skip around and skim and jump over sections that don’t interest me and don’t seem relevant. That’s much more difficult to do with lectures, though it’s easier nowadays with many lectures being recorded and made available online.

Books have always had one major problem for me, though: I feel like I don’t remember much of what I read. I feel like I’m lucky to pick up a few high-level ideas from a book before moving on to the next one. And it’s not because the books are boring! While reading, I’m amazed at all of the insights the author is providing. But I forget them as soon as I close the book.

Given my goal of learning more and thinking better, a book on how to read better seems like a good place to start, and no book comes more highly recommended by the Internet than Mortimer Adler’s “How to Read a Book.”

I’ll publish my notes and thoughts on each chapter as I make my way through the book. If you want to talk about it, hit me up on Twitter.

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